Coronavirus Response: Keeping Things Clean and Promoting GOOD Health

Peak Suites Furnished Apartments approach to Guidelines for Coronavirus

Peak Suites response to sanitation guidelines. Keeping guests healthy and informed in 2021

Peak Suites Cares

Peak Suites is taking the Pandemic and the health of our guests and staff seriously. Initially, we developed a protocol for sanitation and cleanliness guidelines in all of our furnished apartments in March 2020. Currently, we continue to monitor and update our protocols as information becomes available from the CDC and the WHO. For all new incoming guests, precautionary measures are in place to ensure all linens and towels are 100% new and sterile – this includes pillows for bedding.  We offer virtual apartment tours, collect information electronically, use proper PPE, in conjunction with updated and enhanced sanitation policies to help keep our guests healthy.

Additionally, all activity that takes place inside one of our all-inclusive homes, by Peak Suites or our partners, will be done in the safest way possible. Meaning at a safe social distance, washing hands frequently, and while wearing face coverings or masks.  Below are some useful links and resources to keep you informed about the Coronavirus Pandemic and reassure you that Peak Suites is adhering to recommendations and industry best practices in order to conduct business in the safest way possible.

Links and Resources

Excellent Healthcare in North Carolina

Should you require medical attention of any kind during your stay in The Triangle, North Carolina is known for providing exemplary healthcare and advanced treatment options. The Research Triangle Park is the leading and largest high tech research and science park in North America. Founded in 1959, this 7,000-acre area forming the Triangle region (DurhamRaleigh, and Chapel Hill) is 2 miles wide and 8 miles across. It is affiliated with three major research institutions: Duke University in Durham, North Carolina State University in Raleigh (NCSU), and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (UNC). Each University hosts leading doctors, professors, researchers, scholars, and writers. There are many excellent hospitals in this area, including the world renowned Duke University Hospital and Medical Center in Durham. As well as the UNC Medical Center and WakeMed  Hospital System- some of the world’s best medical minds are in our backyard.

Peak Suites Is Here For You

We’re committed to promoting and protecting the health and well-being of all of our Peak Suites clients, guests, staff, and vendors. Recommended safety measures from The Centers For Disease Control include frequent hand-washing, staying home when you’re sick, covering your cough, cleaning and disinfecting frequently. Peak Suites staff practice all of these measures and encourage our readers and guests to do the same.

Contact Mark Franklin of Peak Suites for further details about renting a fully furnished apartment and Peak Suites’ commitment to your safety during your lodging transition or relocation – rest assured we are here to help.

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